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Sara, Resha, Lynnae, and I just gettin ready last summer!

This would be me and Krista after we painted the HUGE rock out in the field on the way to Rochester on Hwy. 30!

Most of us girls at the record breaking fooball game in 2007! Elliott Herdina broke the career recieving yards.

The Junior girls after BEATING the Sr. girls at Powder Puff Football! oh yeah and our sweet coaches too. ha.

Just me sittin in Resha's car on our way to Owatonna.

Unfortunitely, this is the only picture I have of me and him. This is me and Nate on our way to Owatonna last summer..

Ohh Lauren.. haha Me and my girl from Colorado! Gotta Love'r!

Sara, Lynnae, and I puddle jumping!

Our random road trip to Iowa one boring summer night!

Britini, Me, and Chaya! My girls from Owaonna! Gotta Love 'Em!

Shley and I on they way up to the State Volleyball Tourneys!

ShelBayBay! and I at Britini's supprise birthday party!

Hahahahaha! Sara, Me, and Jenny! Pretty amazing night!

Me and Jess Stewert in Austin at Brad's! That was one hilarious night!

Me and Ashley at my 16th Birthday Party! =]]

Emily, Sara, Me, and Resha at Resha's cabin for her birthday!

Krista, Me, Lindsey, and Kassie just playin around for the pictures before Grand March!

Collin & Krista, Elliott & Jordan, Colton & Ashley, Austin, & Resha, David & Marie, Israel & Lindsey, Brandon & I, and Logan & Kassie lookin gooood!!

Lindsey and I!

J No, Krista, Ashley, Resha, Me, Lindsey, and Marie showin off our sweet backs!

Just Brandon and I at grand march!

My lovely brother Spencer and I just showin our true selves ! Haha.

My girl Resha and I just being ourselves in that bathroom!

My lovely mom Kris, me and my Dad Scott, who obviously wasn't ready for this picture!