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Hey! What's up? I'm Mackenzie Joy, and I'm 17 years old. My friends usually call me Kenzie. My birthday is on April 30th!

I'm about 5'6 with darkbrown shoulder length hair.

I'm a very fun, out going person! On the weekends, when I'm not working, I LOVE to hang out with my friends! We always find something fun to do and if there isn't anything going on we make it happen ourselves! Usually we hype ourselves up on Monster energry drinks, play pool, let the music play, dance, and just have a good time.

I love to express they way I'm feeling with my clothes. My closet is packed full with clothes from Pac Sun [[for good reason!]] However I also like to shop at Hollister, American Eagle, and sometimes Abercrombie. I also love to wear bright colors and stick out! I HATE when people label other people, and I don't think you could label me if you tried :)

With my spare time I also love to play Volleyball. It's my favorite sport ever! I used to be a two sport athlete, keeping busy with Volleyball in the Fall and Basketball in the Winter. I played basketball for 6 years, however in my Jr. year I decided to not go out and to go get a job. And no, I have not regreted it yet. So now I play Volleyball 3 out of the 4 seasons.
Also, in my spare time my most favorite thing to do is sit around a bomb fire listening to music and just hanging out with ALL of my friends. I have a HUGE variety of friends. Of course, I have my closest girl friends which consists of Lynnae, Resha, Ashley, Kassie, Lindsey, Krista, Sara, and Emily. However, I am friends with SO many more girls and love them all! I also LOVE to hang out with my boys! My main men are Grady, Brandon, Nate and Trav. I always have a good time with them! Though all but two of those people are from Blooming, I also like to hang out with the guys from Austin and Owatonna.
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