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Tis my 2007 Varsity Volleyball Squad! Our record wasn't the best but volleyball is by far all of our favorite sport and we love to pay together! we make practice as fun as we can and try not to get down on eachother or ourselves when we suck in a game! I love these girls!

Pac Sun!

I also currently work at Pac Sun in the Medford Outlet Center. I have also worked here for about 4 months. I loooove working here! Besides the fact that I get really good discounts I love going to work and being able to talk to people and interact with them. Though I don't get paid as much here as I do at the Holiday Inn, I would choose to work here over there any day. It was really easy to start work here becuase I like to talk to people and I already had all the right clothes for it!

Pine Springs Pool

In the summer time I am also a lifeguard at the local Pine Springs Pool in Blooming Prairie. This is by far my favorite job I've ever had. Besides the fact that summer is my favorite season, I love working there becuase most of my friends also work there so things can never get boring. I also LOVE the fact that I get paid to get a tan! =]]

The Holiday Inn

I'm currently working in two places. One of the places I work at is the Holiday Inn in Owatonna Minnesota. I have been working there for about 4 months.There I am a certified lifeguard. It's a pretty laid back job and I get paid pretty well. However it is not my favorite job in the world. Sometimes it can get really boring and annoying, but sometimes some fun people will come in to make the time go by a lot faster.